Latte Art... an ephemeral canvas

If you read my Japan post, you will know that I was greatly surprised the first time I saw someone drawing figures in coffee. It seemed unreal to me! I was not only intrigued on how he did it, but I also admired the effort of doing such a beautiful design on such a fragile and ephemeral canvas.

As soon as I got my first espresso machine I started trying to do the same and as some of you know, being half art and half science, it turned out not to be an easy task. I want to share with you the evolution of my designs. More often than not all I got was a white foamy stain, but I was still able to "find" something on them (in some cases with a lot of imagination).

I added some names to each one of them. I hope you enjoy it

1. The Halloween Pumpkin

2. The Foamy (and crappy) Snowman

3. The Ying Yang "ish"

4. The Carnivorous Plant
5. The Back of a seating poodle

6. The Aladdin 
8. The Boba Fett "ish" (with a lot of imagination)
7. The Peach

9. The Guitar Pick

10. The Deformed Giant

11 The My first heart "ish"

11. Sauron's eye

12. The Panda

14. The Polar Bear
13. The Puma

15. The Dragon
16. The Dragon 2

17. The Beer goggles

18. The Wrestler

19. The Guitar

21. The Dentalicious
20. The Tree

22. The little girl
23. The Alien (or The little girl upside down)

24. The Whale

25. The "This was supposed to be a rosetta"
26. The fower with heart

28. The Naked Man
27. The Puppy

29. My all time favorite: The Wild Flower 
31. The Bear
30. The Chocolate Flower

32. The "My clever wife's response to my challenge of "drawing a heart on her coffee""
33. The Wild Flower 2
34. The Ana

35. The Heart, it is getting there

36. The Coffee Portrait

Let me know if you can think on a better name for one of them