Quick Guide to clean your Quick Mill Anita

Below is a summary of the necessary cleaning steps for your Quick Mill Anita. I would assume that the same process should apply to other espresso machines, but I cannot assure it. You should always follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

When I got my new Anita, I downloaded the user manual from Chris’ Coffee, an excellent website with plenty of information for those who want to learn more and are looking to buy their next espresso machine. Their manual is very useful, but I needed something more concise that could summarize the important actions on a single page. I created the following table to remind me what are the necessary cleanup steps that I need to follow on a per use, weekly, montly and yearly basis.

I hope it is useful for you as well

After every use
After preparing espresso dispose the grounds immediately
Return portafilter to group head and run some water for a few seconds
Clean with brush, I use the one in this link which is special for group heads
Once per week
Clean reservoir with mild detergent
After cleaning fill the reservoir with white vinegar to remove deposit. Let it sit for 1 hr. Then clean and rinse.
If for some reason you notice a vinegar taste or odor after you did the above, fill with water the reservoir and add baking soda. This should remove the taste and odor. Clean it normally after this.
Plain water backflushing (15 seconds)
Once per month (or every 30-25 espressos)
Insert the cleaning brush in warm water with cleaning powder and use it to clean the group head.  Wipe off with a wet cloth
Backflushing with espresso machine cleaner: Place 1/4 of a teaspoon of espresso machine cleaner into the backflush disc in the portafilter and then lock the portafilter into the grouphead. Repeat the same procedure as above until the cleaner is dissolved and the water runs clear (about 5-10 flushes)
Remove the portafilter from the group and rinse thoroughly
With a damp cloth wipe the underside of the group.
Pull a shot of espresso and dispose of it
In 1 liter of water add 1 teaspoon of machine cleaner. Dip your portafilters and filters for 30 minutes and rinse them thoroughly after that
Once per year
Group Gasket And Shower Screen Replacement