4 Great Cafes to visit in the San Francisco South Bay - San Jose, Santa Clara Area

These are my top 4 Cafes in the Santa Clara area. Please note that none of them are in San Francisco since all of them are within 8 miles of the Levi's Stadium.

1) Roy's Station

 Located 6 miles away from Levi’s Stadium, in what used to be a Gas Station in the middle of San Jose’s Japantown. This is my favorite

Why I like it: Its character. You can still see the structure of the gas station, which gives them a unique personality. It was beautifully designed, and it has a nice outdoor seating area (combine that with the great weather in San Jose). 
What I don’t Like: If you are driving, you need to bring coins for the meters during the week (and between 9 am o 6 pm).
Their coffee beans: They serve Verve coffee from Santa Cruz

197 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112 | Website | Yelp Reviews

2) Bellano Coffee at San Pedro Square

Located in Downtown San Jose inside San Pedro Square. , 7 miles away from the Levi's Stadium.

Why I like it: Since it is located inside of  San Pedro Square, it is the perfect place for grabbing a coffee and then going into some of the other establishments for food, desserts or even drinks. If you park on the structure in front of it, you can validate your parking, and it is free.
What I don’t like: There’s a nice seating area outside, but you will need to walk around 100 feet to get there.
Their Coffee beans: They used to serve Verve from Santa Cruz, and Slight Glass from San Francisco, but they are now they are roasting their beans

87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110 | Website | Yelp Reviews

3) Red Rock Coffee 

Located in Mountain View Downtown, 7 miles north-west from the Levi’s Stadium. This is a not for profit that has multiple events (music, book reading, etc.) scheduled through the week.

Why I like it: Being at the heart of Silicon Valley, you will feel energized on this place. You will be able to see bunches of young entrepreneurs discussing their business plans, pitching their ideas, or just focused on their laptop creating the next big thing (or maybe just playing online games). 
What I don’t like: They don’t have outdoor seating, which is a shame. During peak times is hard to get a table. The free wifi (both from them and from Google) makes it a perfect place for people to camp for hours
Coffee Beans: They use Four Barrel from San Francisco, and they have a single origin bar where they prepare spectacular espressos

201 Castro St. Mountain View, CA 94041 | Website | Yelp

4) Bellano Coffee, West San Jose

Locate in West San Jose, 7 miles away from the Stadium; it belongs to the same group as the one in San Pedro Square
Why I like it: There is usually a small crowd, and it is easy to find parking and a table indoors or outside. It was a little surprise to find good coffee in this little strip mall.
What I don’t Like: They need to put more work into their decoration, both inside and outside. Outside they have some tables, but it is not inviting to sit down
Their coffee beans: They use to carry Slight Glass, but they recently started roasting their beans, but I still miss when they had Slight Glass; however, I think they are getting there.

3985 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051 | Website | Yelp

Please leave a comment to let me know your opinion if you visited any of this places. If there are other great places you discovered, please let me know.