Why coffee?

Once I read in a scientific magazine that the sense of smell has a greater influence in the part of our brain where our memories are located, and therefore a known aroma could easily trigger our memories. 

Coffee, with its characteristic aroma, has a very unique way to bring things to my memory: Those late nights at college working with friends on a project while some coffee made us company; coffee also brings me memories of trips and places I have been, I cannot differentiate or even remember the taste of water or soda from city to city, but I can precisely tell you what coffee did I drink, how good was it and in which coffee place I had it.  Do you remember when you used to go out on a date for a cup of coffee and a movie? I am pretty sure that you can remember where you went, and I am pretty sure that while having those long conversations to know each other you have in front of you a steamy cup of coffee.
As you will find out later, I love to travel, and for me another way to discover a country is through its food. I have discovered that Coffee is unique from country to country, the beans they use, the barista’s skills, the method they use and many other factors make each cup unique. And every now and then, when I am able to get a cup of coffee that resembles the one I tried somewhere, my mind travels, it is not longer at my home or at a local restaurant, it is in a plaza San Sebastian, a small restaurant in Bolivia or in a cold night of a Greek winter savoring for the first time a Coffee made in a briki
Drinking coffee for me is a relaxing experience that helps me to enjoy even more a book, a conversation or whatever other activity I am doing.